- searching for greatest moments of Czechoslovakian cultural history

- expo international fair in Brussel, 1958 - brussel style become so popular and influenced culture and life style in so many spheres in Czechoslovakia

- pick up highlights - gold medal award winner Jaroslav Jezek (Elka) and JarmilaFormánková

- take typical sixties shapes of china objects and change proportion to human body, abstract it, cut it and zoom it

- I have to transform little architectural and sculptural object to clothes and use typical fashion codes (I don’t want to make heavy defined object, but fluid and soft piece of clothes)

- complicated cut construction - lot of technical details I have to figure out

- how is it connected with shoes? same principle with protection - I was protected body with soft layer, with silk glaze and then I was putting shape. In this case, body is our history keeper,      DNA treasure, which I wanna protect. human body, human been is object what I want to safe and alsou top layer (porcelain layer) what is our part of the history.

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