Most fashion collections end with photographs, but Zoltán Tóth's spring — summer 2020 collection, entitled “Collection 3”, begins with them. The designer, once again, sought inspiration in his home Slovakia. As his starting point he chose three figures of new Slovak fashion and art photography — Michal Pudelka, Evelyn Benčičová and Mária Švarbová. Stylized vision of all three of them shares a common foundation in postmodern fascination with the unified world of socialist society. Each of them depicting the paradox of isolation and loneliness within a group and a society as a whole.

Repetition, multiplication, and mostly the idea of being stuck in a loop was something Zoltán Tóth worked with in his cuts. As he himself explains: “Michal transforms space using models set in fairy tale and unreal compositions. Then, there's Evelyn, who works with the depth of spaces, either letting figures nearly disappear in vast spaces or letting the space fade in favor of the figure. Mária arranges figures and space into planar, sometimes almost 2D compositions and her unique color palette pushes these photographs into out of this world, almost sci-fi reality.” It wasn't only the composition and perspective work, which inspired Zoltán to use particular materials, especially his favorite silk, but the distinct
color palette as well. The color palette also serves as a gauge for comparison for the beholder to tell apart individual authors.

The collection title isn't only derived from the trio of authors. It was Zoltán, who, using
his architectonic background, designed the clothes, so they could function as a 2D artifacts as well. “Thanks to clothes being plane, having the proportions of a large-area photographs, that can be put on display in the same way as paintings.” The third dimension they enter when being worn, infuses the previously 2D form with a new life. Three-dimensionality then becomes the core element of the entire transformation, and therefore the whole collection. “When creating the pieces for this collection, clothing or accessories, I always worked planarly. Then, when worn, the shape and proportions of a piece can dramatically
change, creating certain interweaving into space, the coveted reality shift.”

Such as the faces repeating on photographs of all three photographers, the same
dress designs show up multiple times throughout the fashion show, however they're
always worn differently, or made using different materials. “This was a way for me to induce an atmosphere of multiplication, which is present in the work of all three photographers. New takes on the same design piece changes its reality and portrays it in a new context.”


 The experience of unreal delivered through the photographs of Michal, Evelyn and Mária in lightness and grace of Zoltán's pieces is amplified by Arcangelo Corelli's music performed by PKF — Prague Philharmonia. Established in 1994 upon the initiative of conductor Jiří Bělohlávek, as an ensemble of young musicians, which currently enjoys success not

only on the national classical music scene, but on the international as well.

The partner, of Zoltán Tóth's fashion show on MBPFW SS2020 is ligne roset,
a French brand of design furniture. Ligne roset, which embodies elegant, timeless, top-notch design and traditional craftsmanship quality, revealed a new showroom in Prague's Florentinum just last year.