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Zoltán Tóth X Levi's / 2020

The Levi’s® x Zoltan Toth collection builds on the successful Fall 2017 collaboration when Zoltan was addressed by Levi’s® to take part in an international project celebrating the 50th anniversary of Trucker Jacket. At that time, Levi’s® asked designers, trendsetters and fashion icons from around the world to design their own version of the iconic denim jacket. These included Chance, Solange Knowles, Snoop Dogg, Karlie Kloss, Virgil Abloh, Clayton Kershaw, Robbie Rogers and Justin Timberlake. popisuje Zoltán svůj postup. “I was really pleased to be invited to such a com- pany. At that time, I transformed the volume and silhouette of a purely men’s jacket into an elegant feminine design with a distinctive waist and sleeves,” Zoltán describes his approach. The Trucker was a huge success and appeared on the top model Winnie Harlow on the cover of Czech ELLE. That is why Zoltan has prepared a special drop of a limited series for the Prague RED concept store and for Bratislava’s Virvar.

In the framework of a new stage of collaboration presented as part of the spring edition of Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week, Zoltan has added the classic 501 jeans, Western Shirt and Levi’s® basic tee to the Trucker Jacket inspirational mood. In addition to deconstruction and manipulation with cut and volume, this time Zoltan also used two new creative methods of classic garments handling. He looks at them as architectural objects that he abstracts and decomposes, leaving their iconic details such as the shape of a pocket or collar. He thus plays a game of symbols with the fashion fan. On top of that, he also uses a transfer to another material such as his favorite silk and silk velvet, not only changing the context, but adapting the volume of new objects to the new texture and newly acquired movement. Streetwear transforms into eveningwear while it does not lose any of its comfort and functionality. In the third way, he keeps selected Levi’s® models intact, however, dyes them in neutral black which absorbs light and maximizes material anonymity, complementing them with its own elements and details that follow the two previous concepts in idea and style. The collection where the line between women’s and men’s is intentionally erased, features 14 looks that will gain their gender charge down to specific personalities. “I’ve experimented with cuts before so that women and men can wear them to work on every body. The feminine or masculine charge lends the individual models a specific decision of who will wear them,” adds Zoltan.

The Levi’s® brand embodies the classic American style. Levi’s® 501® jeans have become the most famous, widespread and imitated clothing in the world since Levi Strauss patented them in 1873. From the humble begin- nings of working pants during the California Gold Rush, to the symbol of youth and rebellion after World War II, they eventually made their way to the red carpets and catwalks. They are worn by presidents and movie stars, rockers and fashion icons and artists ... pioneers who shape our world, generation after generation. Time magazine named 501® jeans a “20th century fashion product”. An important aspect of Levi’s® collec- tions is also sustainability, such as water saving – Water<LessTM prod- ucts, the use of cotton hemp, which is more environmentally friendly in both the growing and processing phases, or a range of recycled materials. In July, Levi’s® opened the largest store in Central and Eastern Europe in the center of Prague on Na Prikope Street. On 660 m2, it presents a wide range of iconic products, including accessories, the premium Levi’s® Made & Crafted® collection and a collection of replicas from the Levi’s® Vintage Clothing archives. The new store also offers Tailor Shop services with ad- justments and personalization of clothes or Print Bar for printing person- alized T-shirts and sweatshirts. After its launch at MBPFW, the Levi’s® x Zoltan Toth collection will also be presented here.