The Brand Zoltán Tóth is starting to run at 2015. Zoltán places great attention on manual processing while creating a ready to wear but with elements of haute couture. He working with luxurious materials and fabrics use them that they looked commonplace. In their models it is using a ribbons with which things fix it. They are hand-sewn and perfect or vice versa just torn from the fabric and careless.


The feel of the outfit is soft, light and airy, but there's always something rough and hard.


Zoltán's target audience are women with have a passion of luxury fabric's, originality, creativity and quality of craftsmanship.

At present is Zoltán focused on made-to-measure, developing a network of production and sales points.


Last year, Zoltán took part in a six-month internship at the fashion house

Ann Demeulemeester in Antwerp. Now he is finishing his master's degree at UMPRUM under the leadership of Liběna Rochová.


Fashion Design / Styling

Zoltán Tóth

Prague / Bratislava

T: + 420 704 774 477


Public relation

Nikol Novotná

T: + 420 602 237 006


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E:   T: + 420 704 774 477

E:   T: + 420 602 237 006

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